A Whole Lot Of Music... A Whole Lot Of Fun!!! Summer Flamingo Collection



Sing, Dance, Laugh and Play

Live Creatively...Be inspired...Love Courageously

Sing, Dance, Laugh and Play

Music In Me (MIM), was founded in 2018 and specializes in music education for young children. We believe that music is a creative and expressive art, and that the path to becoming a musical person should be joyful. Using research-based principles of how children learn music, MIM has developed programs that feature parents, caregivers and friends engaging in playful, interactive classes full of singing, movement, and instrumental activities. Our focus is on music education; however we recognize that the additional benefits of music education are many, including improving brain plasticity, social skills, and parent/child connections.


Summer Flaminfo Collection

Live Creatively...Be inspired...Love Courageously

Sing, Dance, Laugh and Play

• Participate in a group (singing or dancing with other children).

• Develop social skills by playing cooperative musical games (simple games such as “Ring Around the Rosy,” or those requiring more cooperation such as “Farmer in the Dell”).

• Express anger, fear, joy, and other emotions through music and movement (creating a happy dance to celebrate snow).

• Recognize that music and dance express moods and feelings.

• Enhance self-concept by sharing the music and dance of each child’s culture (teaching the group a familiar song from home).

Objectives for Cognitive Development

• Refine listening skills by noticing changes in tempo or pitch (adapting one’s dancing or clapping to shifts in tempo or beat).

• Increase awareness of different movements or body positions (folding legs like a child in a picture book).

• Develop creativity and imagination by responding to problems in movement or music (creating thunder sounds with instruments).

• Learn new words and concepts through songs and movement (learning body parts by sing “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”).

• Explore cause and effect *experimenting with musical instruments and other devices for creating sounds).

 Objectives for Physical Development

• Explore the many ways in which a body can move (finding different ways to get to the other side of a line without stepping on it).

• Develop large motor skills (moving to music and participating in other creative movement activities).

• Improve balance, coordination, and rhythm through dancing and other movement activities (playing “Follow the Leader”).

• Improve small motor skills (learning finger plays and playing musical instruments).


Live Creatively...Be inspired...Love Courageously

Live Creatively...Be inspired...Love Courageously

Live Creatively...Be inspired...Love Courageously

April Dudson, founder and director of Music in Me, is a music composer and songwriter. She has written,  composed and produced a combination of original music for the music class and traditional, loved classics. She started her love of music at an early age and wrote her first song at just 13 years old. She began playing the clarinet and saxophone and was in band and symphonic orchestra all through her school years. During college she was privileged to play with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.  Pursuing her love of music has been something that she has done even until now and has written several jazz and country songs that she has both written composed and produced with copyrights. Realizing that early childhood is the most important time in music development, April decided to open a children’s music class in order to implement all of her skills and talent and love of children and  music all into one 45  minute class.   

Covid-19 Safety

MUSIC IN ME Guidelines

As COVID-19 restrictions are starting to ease up, we have carefully considered how to reopen. We will only have two in-studio classes for this Summer Session. With importance on social distancing , only five children may attend each class. Temporarily, we have put in place 6 foot apart carpet squares as well as hand sanitizer throughout the studio. Even though we have always sanitized all instruments after each class, we have gone further to deep clean and sanitize the entire studio and will continue  do so after each class.

For those families who still wish to remain at home, we will continue to have one online class for Summer Session. 

You can register for either of these classes here on our website.